How To Make It Overseas

Randy Reed Shares His Story on Becoming a Professional Basketball Player

Prior to signing with IPZ, Randy Reed was persistent in his pursuit of making his dream come true – to become a professional basketball player.

Reed finished out his collegiate career at the University of Omaha in March 2016, but knew he wasn’t ready for his time on the hardwood to come to a close.

One year later, his dream is a reality.

Reed signed a professional contract with Jeunesse Sportive d’El Menzah in September 2016. Since arriving in Tunisia in early October, Reed has put together an impressive rookie season, averaging more than 20 points per game. In February, he was selected to the all-star game in which the best foreign players squared off against the Tunisian National Team.

He shared his formula on “How to Make it Overseas.”

  1. Immediately after finishing college career, get a highlight tape and full game film.
  1. Get in contact with agents, owners, consultants, and players, gathering as much information as possible.
  1. Go to an exposure camp. If you perform well at your first, only play in that one and be sure to get film from it. It’s not recommended to participate in more than two.
  1. After finding an agent, wait patiently and grind. Grind every single day. Do a ton of research on the different styles and rules of FIBA basketball.

As a rookie without the biggest college or the greatest stats, it can be very frustrating, but you have to trust God and trust the process. Stay humble and stay hungry. Remember the dream and learn from the people before you that seeing another country for an extended period of time is incredible. A lot of people never leave their state – let alone the country – and even less people are able to play the sport they love professionally.