InterperformancesUSA Family

The Barn

The barn.

That barn reminds me of family.

It’s where my daughters and their friends played basketball and soccer growing up.

It’s where our family and friends congregate when they visit.

It’s where I work out whenever I get the chance.

It also symbolizes why I agreed to start IPZ.

It was family all over again.

When one of my best friends in the world came to me and said, “I’ve known this firm — Interperformances — for 45 years; they share your values; and their business could use a US partner like you,” I had to listen.

And after meeting Lucky, Manuel and their team in Europe, I knew we could build something here that would last, and that would expand the “family” Zito Partners has begun to build.


Sports…entertainment…media…it galvanizes us, and brings us together.

Whether it’s family and friends getting together to watch a game, tailgate in a parking lot, take in a movie, be fixated by a major event, or lionize a sports hero, what happens in sports, media and entertainment becomes part of our families.

And — fortunately — the combined experience our team can offer those who join this family is unmatched.

This is not about the “big chance.” This is not about the “next contract.” This is about building a family…a family that grows…prospers…celebrates…and supports each other together. Not for one season, but for life.

One visit to that barn will explain it all.

Join us, and become part of our family. No one could ever support you more.