Whatever happened to apologies?

Whatever happened to apologies?

I was never a real fan of Alex Rodriguez, even though he did play for Yankees.  But he nailed it in his comments this week about the Astros.

There seems to be no remorse.

And rather than taking a lesson from other sports in how they handled violations, Commissioner Rob Manfred has not ruled with a heavy hand.

It’s pure and simple:  The Houston Astros as a team…and many of their players as individuals…broke the sport’s rules.

Major League Baseball players have spoken and emasculated the Astros.  Former players (with the exception of David Ortiz, he who – oh yes – has never admitted taking steroids) have blasted the sport, with the usually quiet Derek Jeter calling it a “black eye” for baseball.  In spring training games, Astros’ hitters are being thrown at (surprise, surprise).  I especially liked the fans who showed at an Astros’ spring training game banging metal garbage can covers.

So what has happened in other sports when the sport czars learned that a supposed champion had cheated?

They are defrocked.

Remember Lance Armstrong?  I wouldn’t renew his contract at Bristol-Myers Squibb.  Thank goodness.  Shortly thereafter the whole story came out and – what do you know – he was stripped of his titles.

Manchester City broke the rules.  Banned.

College sports?  There’s a long list of vacated titles.

But not Major League Baseball.

“The agony on the players’ faces is enough,” said Mr. Manfred.

“It really didn’t change the outcome,” said the Astros’ owner.

Yeah, right.

Do the right thing, baseball.  Vacate the title.

Make those rings meaningless.  Take down the World Champions flag at Minute Maid Park.  Don’t let these garbage can clanging, buzzer wearing swindlers profit from a title they should have never had.